Tacos, Tacos y más Tacos

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Tacos, Tacos y más Tacos

No se pierda nuestra gran variedad de carnes en los tacos. Suadero, tripa, cabeza, surtida, barbacoa, rellena, barbacoa, pescado, camarón, costilla, carnitas, pollo, carne asada, cecina, pastor, macisa, cachete, cueritos, chorizo, trompa, lengua, buche, nopal, oreja


Don’t miss out our big variety of taco meats. Beef, inner guts, meat head, mix pork, lamb bbq, rellena, fish, shrimp, spare rib, fried pork, chicken, steak, salt beef, spiced pork, pork leg, pork cheeks, pork skin, sausage, pork lips, tongue, pork belly, cactus, pork ear

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